Central African Republic

Clarisse's bed net protects her from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
Life-Saving Nets in the Central African Republic

Population at risk for malaria: 4,530,000

Malaria cases in 2012: 451,012

Malaria deaths in 2012: 1,442

Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Nothing But Nets in the Central African Republic

Nothing But Nets is working with the MENTOR Initiative in 2014 to provide essential emergency malaria prevention and case management services to nearly 300,000 refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable populations in the Central African Republic.

The northwest area of the Central African Republic is the region most severely affected by past and current conflicts, and represents one of the most challenging complex emergencies in Africa today. The government is unable to provide even the most basic public services, resulting in a total lack of access to essential health care for the already impoverished host population and many internally displaced people (IDPs) who have fled their homes to escape conflict. The general health status of the population is critical: children age under 5 years and pregnant woman are at high risk for fatal consequences of malaria that can be treated through uncomplicated interventions. However, in the current context of the ongoing humanitarian crisis, most of the vulnerable population is unable to find timely access to lifesaving services.

Since 2008, Nothing But Nets has partnered with MENTOR to provide life-saving services including comprehensive medical care via the mass distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets and their associated community-based educational outreach, diagnostics, and treatment.  In that time, Nothing But Nets has been able to procure or support the distribution of over 2.2 million bed nets and train community health workers that work to reduce malaria in war-torn areas of CAR. In 2013 alone, the campaign funded emergency programs that directly impacted 210,000 people, which will continue through January 2014.

Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Clarisse's bed net protects her from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Clarisse is a war widow raising her two daughters and six sons in Beboura, Central African Republic.

"Malaria has always been a great burden in my family because we did not have mosquito nets. We were always sick," she explains.

The rainy season brings swarms of malaria-carrying mosquitoes each night, so her two youngest sons got malaria again and again.

“I wasted money and time seeking care for my children,” she says. “I would regularly take them to the hospital.”

Then simple bed nets provided by Nothing But Nets supporters changed her family’s life. Now she doesn't have to worry about malaria striking her children, and can focus on farming to secure her family's future.

"I find the nets very useful,” Clarisse says. “Since my children sleep under them, they don't suffer as before.”

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Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Let's Cover Central African Republic together and stop deadly malaria.